What clients have to say about Kreative Confidence Microschool:

"Kimarie is a wonderful, talented, creative teacher. My kids thrived in her class. They progressed very well in their academics and enjoyed school very much. Kimarie has the ability to make learning fun and exciting, which has proved to be a great environment for my kids. I highly recommend Kimarie as she is a very skilled teacher." (Celesta W.)

"My kids have been part of Kimarie's  classes for multiple years. She always does thorough research to prepare materials for those classes. I love how adept she is at differentiating to meet the needs of kids of a variety ages and ability levels. I would recommend her microschool to other families." (Jacob T. )

"Thanks so much for being such an amazing teacher for our daughter. It was magic watching her blossom and grow this school year." (Anonymous)

"I met Kimarie from a really good friend of mine, and Kimarie became a good friend to me and a good friend, a guide to my daughter and helped her through a lot. She is a very fun teacher, very interactive, very loving, caring about the students wanting them to succeed she also does very fun arts and crafts with them. She takes them on field trips, whether it be via zoom field trip or an actual field trip. She plans really fun lessons to help kids learn she is a very smart educated woman and I just enjoyed having her as my daughters teacher!" (Michelle A.)

What clients have to say about Kre 'ART' ive classes:

"Our son enjoys the daily art activities because they're interactive, hands-on, and fun! As parents we like that he can do all those things knowing it's educational as well." (Velma T.)

"My kids love attending and participating in Kimarie's classes! They enjoy engaging in the many creative hands-on activities and are always bringing home cool projects they have worked on together. We have known Kimarie for years and she is awesome! We will definitely keep coming back for more classes!" (Millie C.)

"Kimarie has a wonderful art class set up! Both my girls had a blast and were well accommodated for. It was well organized with plenty of activities. They were able to use new materials and try different techniques. Thank you!" (Bethany J.)

What clients have to say about Kreative Tutoring and Coaching  services:

"Kimarie has been wonderful to work with. She has been extremely flexible with my daughter’s busy schedule, and after only a few sessions has helped my daughter get her Algebra grade back on track. She takes her time during their hour session and never rushes through a concept. I could not recommend her enough!" (Luci G.)

"Kimarie Tryon was my tutor for several years while I was in school. She was great and well educated in helping children with learning disabilities. She helped me primarily in English and Math. My grades and understanding of the materials improved greatly with her tutoring. She was very patient and understanding of how long it could take for me to figure out problems and solve them. I would definitely hire her to help tutor my son in the future with any subjects he might fall behind on." (Amber C.)

"Kimarie was my daughter's tutor for four years. She gave my daughter confidence in her abilities and encouragement to do work that most thought she should not be able to do more or less understand. She was her tutor for math primarily but when needed she gladly help Amber with questions that I could not answer in other subjects. Was grateful for her kindness and patience. My daughter grew leaps and bounds to the point that she no longer qualified for an IEP in her Senior year. I know that the growth was from the support we received from Kimarie." (Tracey C. )

"Kimarie tutored me when I was in college and she did a great job with helping me understand math. Learning math equations was challenging for me with algebra and finance. She did a great job with simplifying math and adapting to my learning style. I appreciated her help and would recommend her to tutor anyone. She helped me be able to pass my math classes. " (Camber M.)

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